© Highland Harvest 1999 - 2014


Our hearts go out to everyone who has made our

business possible!

It’s been a grand fifteen years of delivering the best free ranged chicken eggs, fresh

baked breads, honey, sweets, and crisp, tasty produce to Polk and Rutherford

counties. We appreciate all of your support, and all of the customers who have been

with us since the beginning. Consequently, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve decided

to retire and let a new generation break their backs, while we enjoy the countryside

we’ve labored so long to earn.

Our story started in 1999 as a family-run farm to produce foods whose origin was unquestionable. Since members of the family have had severe reactions to chemicals within foods, it was critical that chemicals not be used on the plants, foods, or grounds. We use natural alternatives to take care of pests and only treat the afflicted, not the population unnecessarily. We never had so many animals on the farm that we could not give each one the care and attention it deserved. Our main product, and the one most dear to us, was our eggs. Our nest-direct eggs came in a wide variety of colors because we hand selected particular breeds to give us our “rainbow” trademark. Looking past normal whites and browns, we include blues and greens from our South American and Dutch breeds that normally camouflage their eggs in their native environment. Joining our assortment were chocolate-dark-brown eggs that really looked like they were made of chocolate, and our own cross bred hens that created an even more diverse color of pink and pale blue. With acres of raised-bed garden boxes, our chickens provided not only eggs and meat, they helped amend the earth with nitrogen-rich fertilizer, giving us rich and healthy black soil. We never froze our produce, reducing the amount that was available at any given time, but ensuring it lived up to expectations on your dinner table. Our experience taught us long-forgotten secrets to maintaining our farm naturally and organically. Occasionally, we paid for those values with the odd “imperfect” looking  piece of produce. But looks aren’t everything. Content is. Piece of mind is. In addition to eggs, honey, and fresh produce, we also offered a wide variety of baked goods. All of our baked goods were made the day before the delivery route to our customers’ door. They included some of the most incredible treats you could buy, such as strawberry, raspberry and apricot fruitbars, chocolate chip oatmeal bars, butterrich rolls, and of course, fudge. We confidently maintain, by our own success in this business and by our customer satisfaction, that our methods produce the healthiest and best-tasting food that can be made. We hope, against hope, that future generations will continue this trade, holding these values. Thanks for everything. Farewell.
What was Highland Harvest?
Serving Polk and Rutherford counties, NC since 1999.